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Aww Heck : Flame-On

by AwwHeck on 16/SEP/09 | Back to AwwHeck's Media

“my GaiaOnline avi in a fiery motif.
In zOMG! I use "hoot foot" and "fire rain" a lot, so this outfit really gets into the 'scheme' of things lol ”

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Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 05/FEB/09
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You look too hot to handle.
well that is the general idea, my 'superior form' item gives me my magma skin, where as my 'Twister the Fire Phoenix' gives me my golden wind and 'Sol's Sunglasses' give me the flame-hair and the infamous 'four horsemen' give me my sword, and then the eyes are also an item, "determined eyes'
really makes a hot, fiery flame-angel avatar which is what i was aiming for
my rings in-game include both 'hot foot' and 'fire rain' and also 'slash', so having the sword on my avi really makes the thig tie together well.
That is a pretty hot look!
thanks for the Comment,
my aim in concpeting him was a 'fire-being angel'
Angels are depicted as having flaming swords, so i figured, go all fire, not easy to do on Gaia, but this one does it pretty well with little clutter
most of my avis are plain and simple but all the while are expensive and certainly not drab, i usually jsut pick a color scheme and use it to concept clothes i'd like to weear IRL and rll with it, this however, was different, i wanted soemthing special just for zOMG!
my most expensive avi: it's about 170+k, and thats merely just the golden phoenix wings...
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