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AwwHeck reviews zOMG (WEB)

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AwwHeck said...

like to solo, like to team up with more than three?
zOMG! and you're free

the gameplay is good, the graphics are honestly better than i had hoped and the difficulty, well...Bosses aret a cakewalk i can tell ya that.

All in all, you can carry eight 'rings' these ring are your one and only line of offense agaisnt otherwise rubbery foes tha are inanimate object come to life under the title of 'the animated'

there are no job classes, your character can be fully customized (part of the main gaia abilities), right down to creature (yeah you can bea skunk or a frog or a mighty starling dragon or even a fiery phoenix)

the drawbacks are costant updates due to recent debut, and these aforementioned items that change your species are often expensive...

most noteable is the fact you explore toe gaian world near barton town and up to it's north-western most areas

the mechanics are good, but it seem like the game forces you rely on others
origianlly intended as a PVP, the Beta Testout changed that
however many hold high faith PVP will be added, in fact, player nteraction systems are a major part of the game, and all guidesand evelopers say PVP is in the Works

overall....4 of 5,
ableto custmize, but at the same time, not what people would expect, but ehy, that gaia in a nutshell eh?

Game Traits applied to zOMG (WEB) by AwwHeck

  • The Setting:
    gaia online
  • Playing As:
    you use finger rings as weapons which is very nice
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
  • General Tone:
    a very good casual mmo finally


Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 05/FEB/09
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